[RndTbl] OBD-II compliant car diagnostic tool

Daryl F wyatt at prairieturtle.ca
Wed Mar 13 17:26:22 CDT 2013

I'll try putting a rough presentation together and see if is even possible 
to make something coherent but short enough: it's a pretty broad subject.

I don't think the UofW would appreciate me bringing a car into the meeting 
room. hehe. But the software does a have an emulation mode so you can test 
it without an actual car so it may be possible to a demo of sorts.

There's also the issue that I use a Linux distro that is pretty barebones 
so I'm not sure how easy it will be to get this working on something more 
mainstream like RedHat/CentOS. There's a lot of dependencies and I don't 
know if they are all available as binaries. I compiled everything from 
source code.

Sorry Shawn, no slides (yet).

John: I'm still very cautious about the wide usefulness of this software 
and diagnostic box. Without a lot of research it's hard to know in advance 
how effective this will be with a given car. I still haven't forced a 
"check engine" condition to be sure that it will diagnosis correctly _and_ 
allow to reset the check condition is it is supposed too.

For the impatient, or those with time available, snoop around the link I 
sent previously http://www.vanheusden.com/O2OO/ as it leads to a lot of 
good information. Wikipedia also has a lot of info on OBD:



On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote:

> Although this just came up in the roundtable discussion, it might make a good 
> presentation topic for a future meeting...
> Daryl, would you be willing to present this as a topic some day?  :)
> Gilbert
> On 2013-03-13 12:59, John Lange wrote:
>> I'd be totally into this as well. I'm sick of taking my car into the
>> shop for a "computer diagnostic" and paying $150 for basically plugging
>> in a serial cable. And 1/2 the time they still don't know what's causing
>> that "check engine" light to come on.
>> John
>> On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 11:38 AM, Shawn Wallbridge <shawn at wallbridge.net
>> <mailto:shawn at wallbridge.net>> wrote:
>>     Hi Daryl,
>>     Did you do a presentation on this or was it just brought up during
>>     the roundtable? If so, do you have slides posted somewhere?
>>     I would love to get more details on how you set this up.
>>     thanks
>>     shawn
>>     On Mar 13, 2013, at 5:35 AM, Daryl F <wyatt at prairieturtle.ca
>>     <mailto:wyatt at prairieturtle.ca>> wrote:
>>      >
>>      > Attached are the graphs of the test I ran on my 1999 Saturn SL1.
>>     It has a 5-speed manual transmission so there is a lot of variation
>>     in the throttle setting.
>>      >
>>      >
>>     -Daryl<sensor_engine_coolant_temperature.png><sensor_engine_rpm.png><sensor_intake_manifold_abs_pressure.png><sensor_oxygen_sensor_bank1_sensor1.png><sensor_short_term_fuel_bank1.png><sensor_timing_advance.png><sensor_battery_voltage.png><sensor_engine_load.png><sensor_intake_air_temperature.png><sensor_long_term_fuel_bank1.png><sensor_oxygen_sensor_bank1_sensor2.png><sensor_throttle.png><sensor_vehicle_speed.png>


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