[RndTbl] Facebook

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 3 19:03:03 CDT 2013

I have a customer complaining. She's using Facebook.

Her friend bought a refurbished laptop from me. I ran multiple
diagnostics, replaced parts that didn't work. Reformatted the hard
drive, installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Professional. Applied all
updates. Installed Flash Player, Microsoft Security Essentials. Both IE
8, and the latest Firefox. Added Ghostery, and Flash for Firefox.
Wireless network: WiFi-B.

Now she complains the laptop is "freezing up". Rather than wait, she
powers it down. I'm afraid of file system damage.

This isn't the first time she came to me. And that laptop was not
intended for her. Her last complaint was the wireless network "didn't
work". It turned out she had no clue how to configure a router. I had to
go over there and do it for her. She didn't know any of the router's
passwords, I had to reset everything. I left with everything working.

Now she's complaining it "freezes up". I'm afraid I lost patience and
told her it's because of Facebook. But she's unapologetic, demanding I
fix it. Again, that laptop was not intended for her. She needs something
higher performance. That laptop was intended for the customer to whom it
was sold. But now she's using it.

Any recommendations?
Rob Dyck

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