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The City of Winnipeg has been using PowerWare (now Eaton) UPSs for quite a
while now, and I haven't heard any complaints or experienced any issues
(like described by others). All that happens is the little "replace
battery" light comes on. See

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 4:17 PM, Gilbert E. Detillieux <
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> On 2013-01-31 15:55, Trevor Cordes wrote:
>> On 2013-01-30 Dan Keizer wrote:
>>> Funny timing ... I bought two APC 750 units just over a year ago and
>>> use them to keep my servers running in the rack.
>>> A week or so ago, one of them started to complain (beeping wildly in
>>> the night) and flashing it's lights etc ...
>> As much as I love APC, I must say their non-Smart lines are generally
>> complete crap now.  They live for 2-6 years then fail in strange,
>> different, and noisy ways, creating support nightmares, even after new
>> batteries are put in.
>> The Smart ones live a lot longer but can still do incredibly wonky
>> things if the batteries are dying/dead.  You will sometimes not get any
>> warning via the software or the UPS even though the batteries are
>> gone.  In some cases I open up the UPS to find the batteries bulging to
>> insane widths.  Moral of the story is set yourself reminders at 3-4
>> years to start thinking about pro-active battery replacement and/or load
>> testing (apctest in apcupsd in linux is good for this).
>> I still haven't found a better UPS brand, so I stick mostly with APC
>> Smart.
> We've had several APC Smart UPS'es fail catastrophically and without
> warning.  In one case, a 2200VA unit literally caught on fire!
> A bit over a year ago, we bought a CyberPower PR2200LCDRT2U (2170 VA 1600
> Watts) rack-mount UPS, which was about half the price of the equivalent
> unit from APC.  So far, it's been fine, but time will tell if it's better
> than those we've previously bought from APC.
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