[RndTbl] The voicemail messages we've been getting

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Dec 13 02:37:42 CST 2013

On 2013-12-12 Daryl F wrote:
> Ok. Wonder why the sender doesn't give up before five minutes?

If it's been slowed down, and gaps added that aren't really there in
realtime, it might really be only 1-2 mins, which could be normal for
an aggressive fax server.

> Yes, the conversions are working properly for voicemails. It's been a 
> great answering machine. I've been using it for years. Its an ISA
> card :)

I'd really love to see you put the config back to the way it was and
have someone you know fax you at a known time.  I'm sure someone in
MUUG could do it, I know myself or Adam could send you a fax from
home.  At the very least it would immediately eliminate our theory if
we're wrong.  (After all, both aliens and SkyNet are still plausible

> Yes, mgetty+vgetty is what I'm using. You've given me an idea. I
> checked the configuration and it set only for voice and no faxes.
> There's a compression setting for the modem voice output. Between
> that and the conversion from the native format coming from the
> Rockwell chipset it probably does explain the slow down and drop outs.

Sounds like your setup is nearly identical to mine, but I use an
external Rockwell (Cardinal) modem.  I remember the setup was very odd
and tricky because the modem spits out bizarrely formatted audio
files.  Especially if you don't have baud rates perfectly matched you
get strange audio problems both on your outgoing message and the
incoming recording.

less /var/log/vgetty.log.ttyS0
(change the 0 to whatever you use) may show you exactly what the modem
is doing at the time of the calls, in terms of the AT commands (and FAX
commands).  It may show you it is switching to the incorrect mode at
strange times.  The whole fax-receipt sequence of events is bizarre and
somewhat mystical voodoo at the best of times!

> I think I'll try that just for kicks. I'd have thought FAX spam was
> no more but we'll see.

No such luck!  I get about 5 fax spams a day, mostly people trying to
sell me metal warehouse buildings and self-help seminars for some
strange reason.

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