[RndTbl] too much time on his hands...

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Dec 12 16:09:37 CST 2013

As for a linux-y twist on the story, I've successfully "yum upgraded"
at least a dozen production boxes from Fedora (Core) 4 through to
Fedora 19 (the current version), without any great deal of trouble when
following the readme's.  And all of those were remote upgrades with
ssh on headless boxes!  Try doing headless upgrades with Windows (LOL)!
Only 2 or 3 were a pain, like the align-to-2048-sector grub2 change,
the /usr/bin->/bin change, etc.

I should mention, the key to successful Fedora upgrades (this may apply
to FedUp also) is _do not skip versions_.  What I often end up doing is
an upgrade to ver X and then immediately (like same day) upgrade to ver
X+1.  If you want to skip versions, a DVD-based anaconda upgrade is the
best path.

So everyone doesn't get the impression, after Gilbert's comment at the
meeting, that Fedora sucks, I love Fedora and use nothing but Fedora
(nee RH) since 1999 on boxes I control.  I've had to administer Ubuntu
and SUSE before and always hate trying to figure out their "weird" way
of doing things, especially config location and networking setup.  (To
each his own!)  It's also easy to switch to XFCE or whatever without
using a "spin".  I've switched desktops and WM's quite a few times in
14 years and never do a "wipe/reinstall".  Granted, I am quite
comfortable with going "under the hood" and would probably no longer be
considered a novice.

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