[RndTbl] Opinion on digital tuner hardware

Mike pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 22:07:18 CDT 2012

On 12-04-08 8:09 PM, Robert Keizer wrote:
> I too saw the article - slashdot got it from hackaday I think..

	The comments were a bit mixed weren't they. I wasn't too sure what to 
make of the devices themselves since discussion kind of degenerated into 
some people complaining about who knows what and who doesn't. There was 
little discussion of the devices.

> In any event, hackaday links to useful sites. That particular model does
> ~1mhz bandwidth at 8bit.. The range in the videos that ive seen indicate
> quite a large spectrum.. Somewhere between 0-500mhz I think. Some model I
> know go a little higher than that and are still cheap.

	Impressive frequency range. That sounds like it goes from LW almost to 
cordless telephone frequencies. Some people were complaining about it 
being 8bits though. They were saying 12bits was supposed to be a 
significant difference. Still for an entry level piece of hardware...

	Any opinions on the other ones you mentioned? For me, I'd be looking at 
about $20.00 tops...

> Im going to be playing with this, my father ordered one a few days ago...
> Im sure other members will be playing with them too.

	I caught something somewhere which said because of the original article 
all but one of the suppliers were sold out.

> Next year at muug someones going to have to do a presentation on this stuff
> and sdr in general.

	As I recall there were a couple of members of the Seniors Radio Club 
who are members of the MUUG. If they are no longer on the list, I know a 
couple of people.

	Like I said a couple of months ago, Don pointed me to a site on the net 
were I got the plans for a "Coat Hanger" digital TV antenna (just a 
regular UHF antenna). I could bring it to a meeting if anyone wanted to 
give it a try. I'm also looking at making a Rev0 Gray Hoverman antenna 
as soon as I can come up with the parts (just for comparison). 
Apparently this is better than the "Coat Hanger" antenna (and a lot more 
work). If it's done in time I could bring it in too. BTW, they are up to 
Rev2 now.

> Rob
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> On Apr 8, 2012 7:08 PM, "Mike pfaiffer"<high.res.mike at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>         I saw an article on Slashdot the other day which suggested it might
>> be possible to get some hardware using the RTL2832U chipset for $11.00. A
>> quick search of Google seems to indicate it is fairly well supported with
>> Linux. Since the article was about Software Defined Radio (HF) rather than
>> the TV part of the device I was wondering if anybody locally had tried it
>> out... I would guess apart from the article, the only info I'd be able to
>> get would be about the TV part. What are the ranges of the chipset? How
>> reliable is it? One fellow from the Seniors Radio Club suggested a kit for
>> around $20.00 which should have a similar range (minus the TV). Is the idea
>> even worth following up?
>>         I think for around $11.00 it would be a good introduction to SDR
>> and digital TV.
>>                                 Later
>>                                 Mike
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