[RndTbl] UNIX command transcript with canned input, echoed in output?

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Nov 25 13:56:40 CST 2011

Howdy folks!

I got a request from a prof this morning that stumped this old UNIX 
hack.  He wants to run a UNIX command (for a language interpreter), 
using input from a file, and saving a transcript of the output.  That 
much is trivial.  The catch is that he'd like the transcript to have the 
input echoed, as if it had been typed in at the tty.

I've looked at options on the script command and ssh, but can't find a 
simple solution to this.  And it has to be simple enough for his 
students (who may not have much UNIX experience) to use.

Any suggestions?

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