[RndTbl] Fedora 15/16 problems with network name services and autofs

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Nov 18 15:56:52 CST 2011

At last week's MUUG meeting, I mentioned problems I had encountered with 
Fedora 16, dealing with NIS and autofs.

The first one was that supplementary groups defined via NIS (or LDAP, as 
it turns out) were being ignored (whereas those in /etc/group were not). 
  The solution was simply to comment out the "initgroups" map line in 
the /etc/nsswitch.conf file...

Bug 750388 - Authconfig needs to handle new 'initgroups' nsswitch map 
(was: secondary groups not populated)

The second one was that the autofs service wasn't waiting for ypbind to 
start, so there was a race condition that would cause NFS mount points 
published in NIS automounter maps to be ignored.  Some solutions were 
proposed, which seemed to work for some but not for others, depending on 
exactly how their network interfaces were managed, and what specific 
services they were using...

Bug 712504 - autofs is started before ypbind in Fedora 15

Bug 709637 - systemd sometimes starts autofs before NIS

This problem will hopefully work itself out as remaining legacy init.d 
scripts are converted over to systemd.  In the meantime, the proposed 
solution (for bug 712504) _seems_ to be working for me.

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