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You also need to set the DHCP "next-host" and "filename" configuration items, which tell the DHCP client to fetch the specified filename via TFTP from the specified host.  Different DHCP servers have slightly different names for these two variables.

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I'm trying to setup Clonezilla for deployment. This isn't thin client, it's
deployment. I want to use gPXE boot on a floppy for client machines that
don't have network boot option in BIOS setup. I'm having trouble setting up

It turns out PXE is an extension to DHCP. A lot of documentation assumes the
boot server is also the DHCP server, and the internet gateway. My home
office uses a router, and where I really want to use this has a Linux server
with Squid acting as the router with DHCP and proxy server. In both cases
the server which will hold disk images is not the router, does not assign IP
addresses. There is supposed to be a way to do this, but it isn't working.

In dhcpd.conf, the configuration to assign addresses is:

subnet netmask {

To accept connections for a specific IP range (say 101 to 109), this is
changed to:

subnet netmask {
  option subnet-mask; # I'm not sure why this is here, it
appears redundant.
  option routers; # This is the IP address of my D-Link router.
  next-server; # This is the server itself.
  pool {

To support the gPXE floppy, the filename is changed from "pxelinux.0" to

The problem is it isn't working. The error message from my client machine is
"no filename or path". The DHCP protocol is supposed start with the client
broadcasting a DHCPdiscover packet, then the router and server both respond
with a DHCPoffer. The router responds with standard DHCP packet to offer an
IP address, but the server provides an extended DHCPoffer packet to offer
PXE service. Somehow the gPXE boot floppy is not seeing the server.

I did try changing it. I set the server to assign IP addresses, and disabled
DHCP service on the router. Not something I want to leave in place, but a
good test. I was able to boot into Linux on the client machine, but for some
reason it didn't start the client for Clonezilla SE (Server Edition). Since
I rebooted the server I haven't been able to get DHCP service on the server
to work again.

I also have a Clonezilla Live boot CD, but since it runs on the client it
will only unicast. To multicast I need Clonezilla SE.

Help. Thanks,
Rob Dyck

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