[RndTbl] DNS Ubuntu

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Mon May 31 17:49:23 CDT 2010

Could I ask for help configuring DNS?

I am trying to setup an webserver using Ubuntu 9.10 Server, Karmic Koala. I
have it setup in my home office behind a D-Link router. I installed DNS
server, LAMP, email server, and Tomcat. To get familiar with configuring
DNS, I attempted to simply setup a DNS as both a caching server and create a
master entry to point to a website on itself. I called the website
"example.ca". The D-Link router acts as a firewall so it shouldn't
propagate. But it isn't working, when I use "nslookup example.ca" the
response is "*** Can't find example.ca: No answer". When I try "ping
example.ca" the response is "unknown host example.ca". What did I do wrong?
I changed "/etc/resolv.conf" to have the IP address of my server instead of
the router or my ISP, although the domain and search are still my ISP. I
ensured the "forwarders" address in "named.conf.options" is my router. I did
restart the DNS service after each change. Bit it still isn't working; I can
lookup any address from the internet but my own server does not resolve. I
followed these instructions:



Rob Dyck

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