[RndTbl] software-based firewall appliance - opinions?

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Mar 29 19:44:14 CDT 2010

I'm looking for an "appliance-style" software firewall distribution. 
Appliance as in I don't want to just do a general OS install, because 
non-technical users will have to do some administration of it at a later 

Short list so far:

One key problem is that I expect to need 802.1Q VLAN tagging support, 
which is why I'm not installing a Linksys WRT54G as the "firewall".  I 
also want at least a rudimentary GUI, as it won't always be technical 
people who need to make changes to the firewall configuration.

I'd love to hear from you if you've used any of the above.

-Adam Thompson
 <athompso at athompso.net>
 (204) 291-7950

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