[RndTbl] RAID controller trouble

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 12:30:18 CDT 2010

Robert Dyck wrote:
> I have a client having trouble with her RAID controller. She reports that
> she keeps getting an error on boot that her raid set is out of
> synchronization. It takes close to an hour just to boot when this happens.
> When I've looked at it the problem did not occur, but this can happen with
> intermittent problems. I ran hard drive diagnostics, CPU, motherboard, RAM,
> and everything works fine. I have a hard drive controller diagnostic from
> Seagate, but it isn't designed for RAID. Her motherboard is an Asus K8V, I
> think it's K8V-MX, she has 2 SATA hard drives mirrored, and she runs Windows
> XP. I have mentioned that she may have to replace her motherboard, but I
> don't want to tell her she has to do this unless I can confirm it is
> necessary. If she replaced the motherboard and the problem continues, I
> would hear about it!
> Thanks,
> Rob Dyck

	Dumb thought... If the problem is the onboard RAID controller... 
Wouldn't it be cheaper for your client to get a RAID card instead of 
replacing the motherboard? There were a number of suggestions last year 
and the year before detailing which ones would be best. Of course there 
are implications I haven't even thought of since I've never been able to 
get a RAID system working let alone administered one.


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