[RndTbl] RAID controller trouble

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Mar 14 04:51:45 CDT 2010

On 2010-03-14 Robert Dyck wrote:
> I have a client having trouble with her RAID controller. She reports

You didn't mention what RAID controller.  I assume some sort of
onboard, like Intel MATRIX?

> that she keeps getting an error on boot that her raid set is out of
> synchronization.

This can happen if her comp resets/crashes or shuts off abnormally.
The real issue may be diagnosing that, not the after-effect of the raid

> It takes close to an hour just to boot when this
> happens.

Hmm, in XP with Matrix RAID (I don't use any other ob ones) I see
reasonable boot times (maybe 40% slowdown max) even when in rebuild
mode.  Only in Vista do I see horrendous boot times during rebuild.

> she may have to replace her motherboard, but I don't want to tell her
> she has to do this unless I can confirm it is necessary. If she
> replaced the motherboard and the problem continues, I would hear

First thing to do when having weird mobo issues is look for bad caps
(even slightly puffy with no goo == bad caps).  See my site:
I fix bad cap mobos.

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