[RndTbl] Reminder - use "jobs at muug.mb.ca" for job-related postings

Adam Thompson athompso at muug.mb.ca
Thu Mar 11 18:31:59 CST 2010

This is just a reminder to please use the "jobs at muug.mb.ca" address for 
posting job announcements or similar messages.

Some MUUG members have indicated in the past that they do NOT wish to 
see commercial traffic on the main roundtable at muug.mb.ca list.

We set up the jobs at muug.mb.ca list to accommodate those who DO wish to 
see commercial traffic like that.

We should perhaps do a better job of reminding people about this, since 
obviously not everyone knows about it (or remembers, anyway).

Nonetheless, please use the jobs at muug.mb.ca list for job postings and 
similar messages.

On the flip side, if you aren't subscribed to the jobs at muug.mb.ca 
mailing list yet and you don't mind seeing job postings, please do sign 
up.  Details can be found, as always, at 

Thank you,

-Adam Thompson
  <athompso at muug.mb.ca>

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