[RndTbl] D-Link DIR-825 dual-band 802.11N 5xGigE runs DD-WRT, for around $150

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 17:06:32 CDT 2010

But does it have removable antennas a la WRT-54G? Do you know of any
(other?) N devices to which you can attach external antennas (i.e.
unidirectional, specifically)?


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> Further to my comments at the last meeting, I was pleasantly surprised
> when I bought a D-Link DIR-825 and discovered it can run DD-WRT.
> This is a *simultaneous* dual-band (i.e. two radios, one at 2.4GHz, one at
> 5GHz) 802.11N router with 5 GigE ports, a USB port, two antennas, and the
> usual array of activity lights on the front.
> There is a beta build of DD-WRT that runs on this unit (and thus
> presumably OpenWRT will also support it soon if not already).
> Range & performance are OK but not great.
> The price, however, is impressive: you can typically find it online (in
> Canada) for under $150.  If it were a $250 unit, it would be utterly
> unremarkable (aside from being one of the first dual-radio models to run
> DD-WRT) but considering that you can still regularly find 802.11G and
> single-band 802.11N routers for over $150, that makes it impressive - for
> now.
> With the stock D-Link firmware, the USB port can be used for (apparently)
> *any* device whatsoever, and includes software to remotely connect a
> Windows PC to the port.  Not sure how they've done this, but I'm told it
> should work for any USB device (subject to bandwidth limitations, of course
> - USB2.0 is still faster than 802.11N).
> DD-WRT can expose USB storage devices and (I think) printers; so you do
> lose something compared to the factory firmware.  Flashing DD-WRT onto the
> device requires TFTP while putting the device into disaster-recovery mode;
> it was harder to find the instructions online than to actually do it.
> Also see CNet's review here:
> http://reviews.cnet.com/routers/d-link-xtreme-n/4505-3319_7-33246906.html#cnetReview
> -Adam
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