[RndTbl] Desperate plea for help

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 11:53:43 CDT 2010

I've got a HP ProLiant server running OpenFiler, and due to errors on my
part, the SCSI drives got rearranged. Now the HP 6400 RAID controller
complains that an "unsupported drive rearrangement has been attempted", and
the logical volume is missing. Is there any way to recover the correct order
of drives in the drive bay?

It is a test server, so technically no big deal, but you know how it is with
"test" servers... It would be pretty annoying to lose all the data.

I've tried booting the 8.30 SmartStart and using the ADU/ACU utility, but it
doesn't seem to show anything useful for this. It shows the controller and
all drives being "uninitialized", not just being out of order. The Option
ROM utility also doesn't show anything.

Suggestions, aside from "use software RAID next time"?

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