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Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 17:34:59 CST 2010

A few comments:

Generally anything you get for that price will be a netbook and/or a pretty
cheap notebook. I can't see how you could spend $300 on a notebook (not
netbook) and get anything resembling quality. I suppose there might be a
door-crasher special that would be okay, but then you just have to take your
chances. Acer computers tend to be EXTREMELY cheaply made.

A netbook would be fast enough for his needs, but the screen would probably
be too small, either physically (all netbooks have 10" screens) or by
resolution (pretty much all 1024x600).

Also, I don't know why you wrote "...Future Shop, and (Ugh) Best Buy", given
that they're the same company since Best Buy bought Future Shop a few years
ago. I thought everyone knew that.


On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 3:04 PM, Mike Pfaiffer <high.res.mike at gmail.com>wrote:

>        Merry Christmas and happy holidays (what ever works for you - you
> never
> know). ;-)
>        My father had decided to look at a laptop. He wants to put his
> family
> tree program on it and take it for a trip out East this spring. He has
> seen me running Linux on my desktop for years and thinks he would like
> to give it a try on the laptop. Even in a dual-boot configuration. Being
> cheap (a typical Winnipegger) he is only willing to spend $200 -$300 for
> the machine. There are some "deals" in the advertising for Staples,
> Future Shop, and (Ugh) Best Buy. He is serious enough to risk going out
> on Boxing day (and this is from a guy who is afraid of crossing to the
> West side of the Red).
>        The question is what are some good brands and locations to scope
> out?
>                                Later
>                                Mike
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