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Subject: Copyright legislation input
From: Bill <bill3 at uniserve.com>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2009 00:48:10 -0700


I wonder if you would re-post this email to your groups
mailing list? It's self explanatory and should be of
concern to many technical folks. Thank you.



I'm Bill McGrath. I write software, am a Director of the
Vancouver Linux User Group and am a founding member of the
Vancouver Fair Copyright Coalition.

I'm writing today with respect the ongoing consultation on
copyright in Canada. The federal government intends to
introduce new legislation early next year and is presently
soliciting input from ordinary Canadians. This process will
end on Sunday, September 13, 2009, so there is about one
week left for you to contribute your voice to the chorus
of Canadians who are deeply concerned about the changes
that lobbyists for transnational conglomerates are demanding
to copyright law.

When Bill C-61 was tabled in the House of Commons there was
widespread outrage at such a ham-fisted attempt to deal
with complex and sensitive issues. Fortunately, it was
dropped when Parliament was porogued. One of the strongest
criticisms of Bill C-61 was that government had not
consulted the people. But now we have our chance. Government
has decided to listen.

I'm sure you've all heard of the DMCA and it's downside. We
definitely don't want this in Canada. We need you to send an
email to government.

Of course, most people aren't experts. They don't know what
to say. So we've put together a submission guideline that
hits the main general points and a number of specific
points of special concern to technical folk - programmers,
administrators, technicians and so on.

Sending an email will take as little as ten minutes. I'm sure
you can find time in the next week to voice your concerns.
Numbers matter, so each and every email counts.

Our 4 Step Submission Guideline for technical folk contains
all you need to know to put together an email. It includes
examples, a glossary of terms and links to more information.
It lives at:

Please find the time, before Sunday, September 13th to express
your concerns to the government. Invite your friends and cross
post this email where it will help to get the word out.

Thank you for your time and your contribution. Democracy will


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