[RndTbl] Open Source Backup/cloning to USB HDD

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Thu Oct 29 23:08:22 CDT 2009

It's fascinating (ok, at least to the übergeeks among us) to note that
SpinRite and GNU ddrescue have diametrically opposite approaches to data
Yes despite being completely opposite, both approaches are still valid and
each will work well in different scenarios.

I've been reminded by a few people that SpinRite in particular, while a very
useful tool, can actually cause data LOSS in some scenarios - if you choose
to purchase and use this (IMHO) extremely useful utility, PLEASE READ THE
MANUAL FIRST.  And beyond that, if you don't UNDERSTAND the manual, write
Steve Gibson and ask (politely) for your money back - because if you don't
understand what the manual is talking about, you are likely to use the tool
incorrectly and lose more data than you save.  Think of SpinRite as a lethal
weapon - highly useful in the right situation, but if you don't know how to
use it you'll just blow your foot off by accident.

Thank you for listening :-)

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 22:47, Daryl F <wyatt at prairieturtle.ca> wrote:

> To (sometimes) get around dd stopping on the first error or using 'noerr'
> and getting nothing copied for a sector, I've been using a program called
> ddrescue ref: http://directory.fsf.org/project/ddrescue/ that does several
> retries before giving up. It also has some interesting techniques to
> recover as much as possible from a damaged disks while minimizing further
> damage.

-Adam Thompson
<athompso at athompso.net>
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