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$150, Create & Market Your Own Mobile Apps
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Hi there

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What does it take to build mobile apps on different platforms?
Find out at our InsideMobile Conference, July 26 & 27--San Jose, CA.

Don't wait to learn how to develop mobile apps. Mobile is a huge and
growing market, ripe with opportunity. At InsideMobile in San Jose, CA,
you'll learn how to develop for this field right away--not just for
one device, but for all of the top frameworks, including iPhone,
Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, and Palm webOS.

Which platform is the easiest to work with? Which will give your apps
the greatest exposure? Get answers at InsideMobile and network with
established mobile developers.

Early Bird Price: $250 for the first 100 registrations (Save $150 on the
regular price of $400)

What will you learn at InsideMobile?

* The basics of developing on major mobile platforms
* How to develop for the small screen and manage other mobile platform
* How to make money developing mobile applications
* What it takes to develop for more than one platform at a time
* The tools you need to be a successful mobile developer
* The differences among platforms, and what makes each one unique

Featured speakers include:

*Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, co-founder of Tonnect
Gus Holcomb, principal engineer with Twin Technologies
*Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote
*Giorgio Natili, Founder and Head of GNStudio
*Raj Singh, Vice President of Business Development for Skyfire
*Brian Fling, author of Mobile Design and Development (O'Reilly, Aug 09)
*Dan Burcaw, co-founder of Push IO, LLC

For more information on InsideMobile Conference, see:

Have a mobile topic you'd like to propose? For information on how to 
submit your topic, see:

To keep up with conference news from John Wilker and Tom Ortega, see:

If you want to develop mobile apps or learn to develop for other mobile
platforms, don't miss this event.

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Sebastopol, CA   95472
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