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Montana Quiring montanaq at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 16:28:02 CDT 2009


I'm trying to replace a proprietary firewall appliance from a company that
went out of business.
I'm hoping to be able to use IPCop to do the job. I've listed a couple of my
issues below, so if you are familiar with the workings of IPCop, or have
some suggestions about other firewall packages, please feel free to comment.

Here's a couple things that I really want IPCop to do:

Transparent Authentication with Logging
Authentication that will allow me to view a authenticated user and the IP
associated to them. I would like for the proxying to be transparent and not
require the clients to have to alter any settings.
I would prefer (Open)LDAP, as that's what I have set up and working already.
Unfortunately I can't find the LDAP username that the user logged in with in
any of the logs (VIA the web GUI). Am I missing something?
A captive portal would probably be a good idea. Any recommendations as it
doesn't seem to have it built in and I can't find an add-on for it.

Multiple DHCP pools
Is it possible to have multiple DHCP pools that aren't necessarily
sequential and would have different masks?
ie. one pool might be:
with mask

and another might be:
with mask

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