[RndTbl] disk cloning

Dan Martin ummar143 at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 23 21:46:45 CDT 2009

I am trying to find a good backup method for my Mac hard drives.

For Windoze, I discovered that the best method was to boot to a Fedora  
Core rescue CD, and use the dd command to block copy a disk or  
partition from one [removable] drive to another.

On my Mac, I am switching to an alternate boot drive so that I can  
copy my usual boot drive to a third drive using the dd command from  
the Terminal.  However, I am encountering an IO error, and there are  
differences between the original and the copy as shown using FileMerge.

Carbon Copy Cloner failed to complete the task after encountering an  
IO error.  At present, I can't get it to work at all.

On a Unix based system such as the Mac, should file level copies be  
adequate?  This clearly did not work in Windoze - it seemed that  
hidden files wouldn't copy, and/or references in the target partition  
would still point to items in the source partition.

Any suggestions re how to make a clone of my boot drive would be  


Dan Martin
GP Hospital Practitioner
ummar143 at shaw.ca
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