[RndTbl] New laptop with XP?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Jan 7 07:20:18 CST 2009

On  6 Jan, Kevin McGregor wrote:
> Not really apropos of this list, but does anyone know where one can still
> get a new laptop with Windows XP pre-installed as opposed to Vista? It's for
> someone at work who's asking.

I can get in some name brand ones with both Vista and XP, usually Vista
preloaded with an XP downgrade license, but sometimes they come with XP
preloaded.  This is mainly in vendors' business lines so the prices are
a tad more expensive than mainstream home laptops.

I can also get some tier 2 brands (MSI, etc) which have offerings that
include no OS at all, to which I can add whatever XP OEM OS you want,
for the appropriate price of course.

Lastly, I can get build-to-order notebooks where you pick all the parts
and your OS, however the prices aren't as dirt cheap as what you see in
the stores.

If you want some prices, email me.

Trevor @ Tecnopolis

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