[RndTbl] Computer Give Away: six computers with Linux

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Mon Feb 16 15:12:37 CST 2009

I am offering six old computer towers with Linux pre-installed for
pickup in the William Whyte neighbourhood in the North End.

Each has a cdrom drive, floppy drive, built in usb, built-in
or sound card, network card, video card, power cable, and xubuntu 8.04
installed with installation CD included (http://xubuntu.com/). In all
cases a RAM upgrade is recommended for better enjoyment.

A mouse, keyboard, or monitor is not included. I also have some old mice
and monitors that you could optionally take as well.

Tower #1
3.2 GB hard disk
128M of RAM

Tower #2
2 x 1.0 GB hard disks
128M of RAM

Tower #3
400MHZ Celeron
4 GB hard disk
128M of RAM
AGP slot is damaged, has pci video card

Tower #4
AMD K6-333
has battery problems
2 GB hard disk
128M of RAM
usb is disabled, when enabled there are errors related to it

Tower #5
400MHZ PII, clocked 350MHZ for better stability
This one does crash occasionally, but is mostly usable, it could perhaps
benefit from a fan.
8 GB hard disk
128M of RAM

Tower #6
400MHz PII, clocked at 350 for better stability
2.5 GB hard disk
128M of RAM


4 serial (RS232) mice. (requires special configuration, I need advance
notice to configure a computer for this)

2 PS/2 mice


two 14" monitors - working fine

one 14" monitor, is very dim, even with max contrast and brightness

one 14" monitor, has a very ugly blotch of scratches in the center, but
is generally readable, 85% of the screen is fine.

two 15" monitors, with colour problems

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