[RndTbl] Winmodems and Linux

M Moffat treblig at mts.net
Sat Feb 7 15:21:51 CST 2009

I'm a newbie to Linux.

I saved a Win98 system from going to the Dump; the Windows system was non-functional but hardware seemed useful for some version of Linux.

I have managed to find and download two different distributions of Linux which are intended for use on older and less powerful systems, BasicLinux 3.5 and TinyLinux. I have both of these installed and functioning on separate partitions of the hard drive.

Unfortunately the modems that were in the system are NOT functional. One is an ISDN modem and the other is a Motorola SM56 Voicemodem. I have scoured the websites with references to Motorola SM56 modems and although I found a couple of references to the existence of a Linux driver for this modem, I can not actually find where to download this supposed driver and see if I can make it work!!

Anyone have info on this?? If not, does anyone have an external 56K modem kicking around that they would like to get rid of??  I'm out in the boonies near Russell, MB and don't have many used computer sources nearby :-((

If this is not the desired type of inquiry/use of this mail list, just say so and I'll just butt out.


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