[RndTbl] [OT] 802.11N access point. - More questions

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 18:00:38 CDT 2008

Sean Cody wrote:
> Anyone have any suggestions on an 802.11n ACCESS POINT.
> I don't need a router or router like functionality... I just need an  
> AP (wireless bridge).
> Just finding AP only systems is being unusually difficult as all I see  
> in stores are routers.
> I'm sure the routers will work as APs but given my experience in this  
> arena it is a bit hit or miss.
> I currently use a Linksys WAP54G but am looking for something a bit  
> better (big file transfers are annoying over wireless) preferably with  
> gigabit uplink.  Does the whole 'draft' thing even matter anymore?
> Suggestions?

	Related questions which might bring this back on topic...

-What are the percentages of adoption for "B", "G", and "N" networks 
these days?

-Are there any Linux drivers for "N" networks?

-There was a presentation a couple of months ago where a map of wireless 
points was displayed. The people running the place where I volunteer 
were given a "G" access point for public access. The only thing is they 
don't know where it is (go figure). Could someone point me to a map of 
the downtown, North of Chinatown and around the Point Douglas area, 
containing both visible networks and streets?

-For the people I volunteer with could someone (off the top of your head 
without research) give me the range of the various networks? I've been 
telling people "B" will cover a small building, "G" will cover about a 
block, and "N" will do about a mile.


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