[RndTbl] Choosing server software

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 11:32:38 CDT 2008

	I'm volunteering with a non-for-profit group. Part of the mandate is to 
provide local internet services to a particular part of town. Apparently 
all the agreements are in place and the papers signed. I've been asked 
to extend the range of an existing public access service as well as 
provide replacement web space for half a dozen groups/clubs. The 
hardware is older PC hardware donated to one of the groups. I'm not sure 
exactly what they have (neither are they) so I'm going to assume I have 
to put things together from scratch. Old hardware is more available than 

	I'm looking for a couple of easy to install and maintain packages. 
Specifically free router software and free web server software. If it 
can be set up in an afternoon it would be handy.

	At the moment I'm concentrating on the router software. I've been to 
Sourceforge and Freshmeat and found half a dozen. The group in charge 
want wireless in the new location. I'm not sure some of the older 
packages can handle wireless cards. Since the building they have to 
house the machines is quite long I figured one at either end connected 
via a wired router in the middle would be a good idea.

	I haven't set up dedicated servers like this before. Yes the people in 
charge know this and still want me to figure it out. I'd figure 
something still being maintained would be better than something which 
hasn't seen an update since 2000. I'd also guess OpenBSD would be 
preferred over Linux (or Windows). What are people using for this sort 
of thing?


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