[RndTbl] Recommendations for a video card

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 19:14:09 CST 2008

	Long story short. It looks like ATI is no longer supporting their
Radeon 7000 series under Linux. Recent updates result in the boot
process freezing while going into X. I'm able to operate in text mode
but get an error 104 (no valid modes) when I to start it manually. After
trying various things like restoring a previously functional xorg.conf
and searching Google for an entire afternoon for a solution, it looks
like my only option (assuming I want to stay current) is a new video card.

	Does anybody have a recommendation for something around the $50.00
range? IOW, what have people had success with in the past? I'd like an
AGP card with TV out (yes I do the occasional video editing). From this
months meeting I gather sticking with ATI is not advised in the short
term. Itech suggests a GeForce5200 (AGP) card mainly for price.


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