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Dan Martin ummar143 at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 17 15:15:06 CST 2008

Thanks Bill!

It seems to work.  Took me quite a while to find where I could manually 
enter the IP address of the Mac's own wireless adapter, harder than 
actually configuring the router.

After giving them both local LAN IP addresses, I have internet access.

I'll leave transferring files between PC and Mac for another day.

Bill Reid wrote:
> Dan Martin wrote:
>> Is there a simple way to use this device as a simple wired and 
>> wireless 'switch' on my LAN?  or should I simply throw in the towel 
>> and let the base station be a router and firewall, and do away with a 
>> gateway computer?
> There is no problem doing double Nat but you should be able to set it 
> up just a switch.
> - turn off DHCP on your airport.
> - make sure the LAN network is the same subnet as your current LAN.
> - assign an unique address to the airport router within your current 
> LAN subnet
> - make sure the wireless Mac's gateway address is pointing to your 
> current gateway.
> -- Bill


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