[RndTbl] Request for articles

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 00:36:49 CST 2008

	I e-mailed Gilbert about this and so far this seems to fall within the 
bounds of the area the group is involved in. I'll try to keep it in good 

	As most members of the group are aware I am involved with a magazine 
called Call-A.P.P.L.E.. It used to be part of the Pudget Sound Apple// 
group. It has since separated and evolved into a *NIX/Mac/Apple// 
magazine. The *NIX part is what ties it to the group here. The other 
person active with the magazine is in Japan. For various reasons I'm in 
charge of the magazine again this year. He's developed his own group of 
writers. Unfortunately they are in Japan and don't know me from a hole 
in the ground. That's my problem.

	As the subject states, I am asking if anybody would care to write an 
article. Anything related to *NIX, Mac, or the Apple// is fine. It 
doesn't have to be a direct connection. Gilberts 3D photography or music 
on a computer are good examples.

	Secondarily (this is the part where it may fall outside the bounds of 
good taste), it is a commercial operation. The magazine itself is free 
(a free sign-up is necessary for the current issue). We make just enough 
in advertising to pay for the hosting service (and maybe a small fries 
at McCardboard). I'd like to get enough advertising to be able to pay 
our contributors and eventually ourselves. Even if it's a token amount 
it would be a good thing. If anybody knows of a group who'd be willing 
to advertise with us, please let me know.

	A bit of interesting news... Bill (the guy in Japan), said we broke the 
million reader mark last year. I'm not sure of his figures, but every 
time we switch, the number of readers climbs. The last time I was in 
charge I was apparently pulling in somewhere between 750,000 and 800,000 
readers on my last issue. WOW!

	Barring another death in the family I should be at Tuesdays meeting if 
anybody wants to talk. I'm the tall, balding guy with a beard and 
glasses. ;-)


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