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Kevin McGregor kmcgregor at shaw.ca
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I keep forgetting I have to send this from an alternate address to get
through to MUUG:

I and a friend of mine have done something similar, except we use a 5-port
10/100 switch and not a hub.

Also, while Shaw will allow you two IP addresses, you do have to phone their
customer service line and tell them you want the second IP address, and only
then do they 'enable' it.


On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Dan Martin <ummar143 at gmail.com> wrote:

> This should be simple, but for some reason I can't get it working.
> My present setup:
> shaw cable modem ----> linux box / iptables ----> airport extreme ----> a
> happy group of Mac & PCs, some wired, some wireless
> Problem:
> My broker supplies me with software for streaming quotes that must run on
> XP and not be behind a firewall.
> Solution (I thought):
> Use my old Allied Telesyn CentreCOM MR815T hub/repeater, and take advantage
> of the fact that Shaw will issue 2 IPs.
> shaw cable modem ----> hub
>                            port 1 |---------> linux box / iptables ---->
> etc, as before
>                            port 2 |---------> promiscuous XP box
> If I connect either the network (my present system) or the XP box directly
> to the cable modem, each seems to work.  If I connect either of these
> through the hub, it no longer works.  A diode will light up showing the
> connection of a PC to a particular port, but will not light up when I plug
> in the ethernet cable from the cable modem.  The hub will indicate activity
> when an attempt is made to access the internet, but no activity is
> registered on the cable modem.
> I have used different ports on the hub, 3 different ethernet cables to
> connect the modem to the hub, and at times I have rebooted the modem or the
> PC attached to the hub (various permutations of these actions).
> The hub has 8 ports - the first 7 are labelled with an "X" which I believe
> means MDI-X (crossover) configuration to plug a PC into.  Port 8 has a
> switch to select MDI or MDI-X.  What should I plug the modem into? (I have
> tried both).
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