[RndTbl] Remote connections to Macintoshes

Colin Stanners colin at ninja.ca
Wed Oct 3 12:51:47 CDT 2007

VNC is FOSS and very multi-platform (it has mac support, I haven't heard complaints) and is what I use
in many cases. There's a few variants which are all interoptable. Which networks they're on doesn't
matter as it's all running over IP; but if they're behind a router you need to set them up on a static
NAT IP and do port forwarding through their router - or have them connect back to your machine in
VNC's server-connects-to-client mode (in which case you forward your routers' port 5500/TCP to one
of your local machines).

In some cases I've seen delays and disconnects on some router/computer combinations but I think that that
may be a windows networking stack bug in v4 of RealVNC. Possibly other variants such as TightVNC/UltraVNC
don't have this problem.


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