[RndTbl] Used equipment from IBM.

Steve Moffat Steve.Moffat at ca.ibm.com
Tue Nov 20 16:32:16 CST 2007

Sorry if this is viewed as spam, but I thought some might be interested.
I actually bought one of these used systems for the family earlier this
year.  It looks like brand new, and has been working great (ymmv though).
I figured the price was pretty good considering you get a M$ license.
Shipping from Toronto was free.
To take advantage of this you will need my employee number (020842).
If you'd rather see the site for new equipment, which also has "family and
friends" offers.  Let me know.
And no, I don't make any money or get any credit if you avail yourself of
this offer. ;-)

                     IBM Employees, Family & Friends!
                  IBM Certified Used Desktops from $233!
                         T23 Notebooks from $276!

                          ..while supplies last..

15% off web price for IBM Canada Employees, Family & Friends! - Warranties
                              up to 6 months

  IBM Certified Used Equipment Is refurbished and tested to IBM standards

Steve Moffat
IBM Global Services
sjm at ca.ibm.com
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