[RndTbl] Changing file associations in gnome / Evolution?

John Lange john.lange at open-it.ca
Thu Mar 29 12:20:06 CDT 2007

For anyone on this list that doesn't already know; I've become a huge
SUSE fan since the 10.X series came out. I think its by far the best
desktop going (yes; even better than Ubuntu). Ok, that's my soapbox

Now on to the problem; there is one dang thing that drives me up the
wall that I have never been able to sort out and I assume its not
limited to SUSE.

I use Evolution and the gnome desktop; even though I have the file
associations set in gnome (via Nautilus), Evolution doesn't seem to use

So for example, the one that constantly frustrates me is attachments
with the file extensions in a different case.

Damn Windows users are constantly sending me message.WAV, or fax.TIF
files and evolution only recognizes .wav or .tif so I have to do a "save
as" and then open them in Nautilus.

So the question is what is the proper way to set file associations in
gnome so that Evolution will use them?

Evolution reportedly uses the gnome settings to figure out what to do
with files so I assume that using Nautilus to make these changes is not
the correct way to do it?

Most of the google results on this topic seem to point at methods for
older versions of gnome that does not work with this version of SUSE
(OpenSUSE 10.2).


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