[RndTbl] infrastructure problem?

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 10:33:25 CDT 2007

millward wrote:
> Could anyone define for me, in IT terms, what an infrastructure problem is?
> Revenue Canada is now in such a mess it can't even process mail in
> tax forms.  They claim it is an "infrastructure problem". Duh? 
> Has anyone any idea what  hardware / software they depend upon?
> I'd like to have some idea what went wromg. After all, as a tax payer,
> I'm paying for this mess. And so are you!

	It's not a *NIX thing. I've been reading the problem was with a series 
of patches applied to Win 2K. Specifically the SDT patch. This has been 
sort of confirmed fourth hand. Not enough to go to print with though. 
Anything more would be a guess on my part (as opposed to someone elses 
guess). :-)

	The transition on my main machine (running Ubuntu at the moment) was 
automatic. I'll eventually check my classic Mac to see if connecting 
with a time server fixes the problem there or if it needs manual input.


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