[RndTbl] Ubuntu networking problem

Kevin McGregor kmcgregor at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 9 14:15:36 CST 2007

Oops, problem solved. I finally noticed that the /etc/networking/interfaces file was lacking "auto eth0". Everything works fine now.

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From: Kevin McGregor <kmcgregor at shaw.ca>
Date: Friday, March 9, 2007 1:00 pm
Subject: [RndTbl] Ubuntu networking problem

> I am trying to move a Ubuntu Linux 5.10 server from a physical 
> machine to a virtual machine running under VMware Server. I have 
> managed to duplicate the disk and get it to boot properly, but 
> eth0 does not end up with an IP address. The proper module for it 
> is pcnet32, and it shows up in `lsmod`, but aside from that, 
> nothing. ifconfig shows the interface is there. What have I missed?
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