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Sean Walberg sean at ertw.com
Tue Jan 2 21:43:40 CST 2007

I'm selling my Cisco lab.  Before I put it on eBay, I thought I'd ask if
anyone locally was interested.  I don't have any pictures yet.

This auction is for seven 2500 series routers, a 4000 series router,
various cables, and accessories.  All are in good working order.

2509: 16M RAM, 16M Flash, 1 Ethernet, 2 Sync Serial, 8 Async serial
2507: 16M RAM, 16M Flash, 1 Ethernet (16 port hub), 2 Sync Serial
2504: 16M RAM, 12M Flash, 1 Token ring, 2 Sync Serial, 1 ISDN BRI
2501: 16M RAM, 16M Flash, 1 Ethernet, 2 Sync Serial
2521: 16M RAM, 16M Flash, 1 Token Ring, 4 Sync Serial (2 high, 2 low), ISDN
2514: 16M RAM, 16M Flash, 2 Ethernet, 2 Sync Serial
2514: 4M RAM, 8M Flash, 2 Ethernet, 2 Sync Serial
4000M: (4M Flash, 16M DRAM) 1 Token Ring, 4 Serial
24 port Token Ring Switch

1 x 8 port async (octopus) cable for the 2509 to console into the other
5 x DB60 DTE-DCE (ie serial crossover for the 2500s) cables
4 x DB60-RS232 DTE-DCE (serial crossover for the 4000 to a 2500) cables
2 x token ring connectors for the 2500s
Power + Ethernet cables

Don't worry about buying your CCNA/CCNP/CCIE lab in parts (not to mention
separate shipping charges), this is a ready to
go lab setup with eight routers.  I have happily used it over the past few
years for CCNP studying and writing, including all the scenarios at

Despite the equipment's age, it's still great for lab scenarios with BGP,
OSPF, EIGRP, NAT, IPv6, multicast, and IPSEC VPNs.  The 2509 has 8 async
serial ports to act as a terminal
server, just like on the CCIE lab.  The 2521 and 4000M make great frame
relay simulators.  Put the 2514s into
bridging mode and you can even play with spanning tree. Pick up an ISDN
emulator and you can do dial on demand scenarios (or do it over the AUX port
with the gear as it is)

All the necessary cables and transceivers are included to hook the routers
together and get started. I'll even include "Routing TCP/IP volume 1" by
Doyle to make you a guru of interior routing protocols and "CCNA Video
Mentor" by Wendell Odom if you're just starting out.

Sean Walberg <sean at ertw.com>    http://ertw.com/
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