[RndTbl] Shaw Internet stops working for an hour or so

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 20 09:32:10 CST 2007

Trevor Cordes wrote:
> On 19 Feb, Bill Reid wrote:

> Interesting that you suggest there's a possible linux-side aspect to
> this... I suppose there could have been some obscure bug introduced into
> the kernel or dhclient code a few revs ago.  I'm on FC5, newest updates.
> Still, I'm more confident the problem lies with Shaw.
> I have 2-5 interfaces on my boxes and, as you said, it's only the
> external Shaw iface that has the problem.

I am also on FC5 with the latest updates.

What is odd is that the problem started immediately after a Shaw network 
upgrade. Of course I have been unable to get a handle on what the upgrade entailed.

Why I think it is a Linux issue is that the interface restarts by resetting the 
interface. Since I am not using DHCP nothing is happening on the Shaw side. Of 
course what causes the interface to shutdown. Because it only happens on the 
Internet side then I am assuming that Shaw is perhaps doing some kind of 
polling. For example, perhaps multicast which causes Linux to choke. Why Linux 
starts up on its own after 1-2 hours is also a puzzle.

I was going to drop in a Dlink router but I think before doing that I will try 
using wireshark with a ring buffer and  using your script I will kill wireshark 
before restarting the interface. Hopefully this would show the last packet that 
hit the interface and provide some clue.


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