[RndTbl] Shaw Internet stops working for an hour or so

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 19 22:22:26 CST 2007

I am seeing a problem with Shaw Business Internet that has me puzzled.

I have a Linux server connected to the Shaw DOCSIS cable modem. It has been 
running without problems until Shaw did some "network upgrades" on Jan 11. Since 
then the Internet goes away for 1-2 hours every day or so. Initially I thought 
it was Shaw's problem and they sent techs out twice. They adjusted the signal 
levels but the problem still persisted. Power cycling the modem does not get the 
interface working. Doing a network restart on Linux does get it going again. The 
box has two interfaces and the problem only occurs with the Internet interface. 
I have swapped the interface without any change. The network interfaces also use 
different drivers.

When the interface is down Shaw can still connect to the modem. It would appear 
that the stopping and starting of the interface is a Linux issue.

I remember a discussion on the list a while ago about a similar problem with the 
thought that it was related to Shaw's DHCP server. I am using a static IP so 
maybe the problem is something else.

The symptoms would suggest that some network activity is causing the Ethernet to 
shut down. How it gets going again is not clear. There are no messages in syslog 
when the interface stops or starts.

My next thing to try is to use something like a Linksys router.

-- Bill

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