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You should suggest to him that he should get a DV (digital video) type of video camera for future recording. Then he could bring in the content (via FireWire, usually) directly for editing. For the other cases, the Hauppage cards (e.g. PVR-150) have a good selection of inputs and software support.

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> 	This is for a friend who isn't on the list yet. He's been to a 
> couple 
> of meetings and is thinking of joining the club in September.
> 	This guy tapes wedding videos as a hobby. He has family in the 
> Ukraine 
> (as do the people whose weddings he records). He wants to 
> convert some 
> of the video tapes to a computer format so he can edit them 
> (throw in 
> titles and fancy transitions etc.). Maybe later convert them to 
> DVD. He 
> would like some recommendations about hardware and software. In 
> addition 
> to video in, he is thinking about setting up his machine as a 
> part time 
> PVR. Again, hardware and software recommendations are what he wants.
> 	He has another request. He wants to know what software he can 
> use to 
> convert audio from a cassette tape to MP3 format. His father 
> accumulated 
> quite a collection of Ukrainian music when he was alive. So now 
> he wants 
> to convert his fathers collection over so he can listen to it on 
> his 
> computer and portable system.
> 	He already has some hardware. He's running a dual core 64 bit 
> system 
> with loads of RAM and hard drive space. He is dualbooting with 
> Ubuntu 
> (FF) and XP.
>                         	Later
>                         	Mike
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