[RndTbl] More on virtualization

Kevin McGregor kmcgregor at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 13 13:13:15 CDT 2006

I went looking for more information about which CPUs by AMD and Intel support the hardware virtualization feature, and found a couple of Wikipedia articles. They indicate that "It is available on all Pentium 4 6x2, Pentium D 9x0, Xeon 7xxx, Core Duo and Core 2 Duo processors." Further, "AMD processors using Socket AM2, Socket S1, and Socket F include AMD Virtualization support. In May 2006, AMD introduced such versions of the Athlon 64 and Turion 64 processors. It is expected that Opteron processors with AMD Virtualization support will be announced in August 2006."


By the way, Socket AM2 has 940 pins, but is not the same as Socket 940.

Does anyone have other information or links?

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