[RndTbl] FC5 kernel rpm

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Oct 20 06:01:30 CDT 2006

Can the FC5 users out there do me a favor?  Check your yum cache for the
2174 kernel-smp rpm:

find /var/cache/yum/ | egrep 'kernel-smp.*2174.*rpm'

If you have it, could you email it to me, or put in on the web
somewhere, or arrange with me to setup FTP space for you?

I desperately need this package as it's now 2 versions behind and so is
no longer on the mirrors or anywhere I can find @redhat.com.  I can't
use 2187 as it has a horrible e1000 panic bug (206744), and I don't yet
know if 2200 fixes it.  I do know that 2174 is stable and I need to put
it on another box.


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