[RndTbl] Video Overlay cropped

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Thu Oct 12 09:36:10 CDT 2006

John Lange wrote:
> I put a cheap nvidia (Geforce 5200) in last night but I couldn't get it
> configured properly.
> My TV display works, OR my monitor but not both. Is there a tool for
> auto-detecting and building an xorg.conf file? I've been manually
> editing this one for days.
> I don't intend to have a monitor attached in the long term but
> unfortunately I still have problems with MythTv not displaying the video
> at the proper size and shape in the TV Monitor.
> Once again, mplayer works flawlessly from the command line giving a nice
> full screen playback from the tuner but Myth does not display properly
> in "WatchTV" mode. The GUI looks fine but tuner playback is terrible.
> I will say that other than the Xvideo bug (which might actually be in
> xorg, not the ATI drivers), the ATI drivers and config tools are miles
> ahead of Nvidia.
> I'm not really sure where to go next. I suppose I might try another
> "build from scratch" in the hopes it will detect the Nvidia card
> properly at the start.
> John
If you're using Knoppmyth, /etc/init.d/install-nvidia-debian 
(/etc/rc5.d/S90install-nvidia-debian) is supposed to autodetect and 
regenerate the X config at boot time.  It doesn't always work, however 
:-) and you might invoke mkxf86config instead.  Although, since you're 
talking about xorg.conf you probably aren't using Knoppmyth...

I would DEFINITELY install the nvidia binary drivers, and not use the 
built-in "nv" driver; the TV support (and a bunch of other things 
besides) work noticeably better.  Also, the nvidia binary driver 
supports Xvmc fully, and there is a special output mode for MythTV that 
uses the nvidia driver's extended Xvmc support to achieve significantly 
lower cpu usage.

As an added bonus, the nvidia binary drivers will either generate a 
correct xorg.conf file for you, or at the very least provide decent 
documentation on how to fix said file yourself.


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