[RndTbl] Part 2 of slow file transfer on a LAN

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 30 20:47:20 CST 2006

Mike Pfaiffer wrote:
>  Following Bills suggestion to compare the results of ifconfig with ipconfig 
> and winipfcg under M$ I found more information available under Linux. I 

Mike, I am sorry, I gave you the wrong command. The Window's command in a DOS 
prompt Window is

netstat -e

It gives the Ethernet stats: errors, discards, etc.

> looked at the info for the network card in the M$ drivers. It was set up for 
> half duplex under M$ (I changed it to full). I don't know if the software 
> would affect hardware settings at this point. If I change it under M$ would 
> it change under Linux?


-- Bill

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