[RndTbl] Followup on slow file transfer on my LAN

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Mon Jan 30 11:05:22 CST 2006

On January 30, 2006 07:49 am, Daryl F wrote this amazing epistle:
> Mike Pfaiffer wrote:
> > On January 29, 2006 10:58 pm, Bill Reid wrote this amazing epistle:
> >>Mike Pfaiffer wrote:
> >>> So far with this experiment I've eliminated some possible problems. The
> >>>cables should be fine. The port on the router is fine. The NIC is fine.
> >>>Since it works with M$, the router is fine (although I have to check if
> >>>it is limiting based on the DHCP address of the Linux box - I set up a
> >>>static IP for the M$ side and won't let it have net access).
> >>
> >>On Linux do an ifconfig and see if it reports errors or collisions.
> >>
> >>-- Bill
> >
> >  Leaving out the first couple of lines which just give the IP addresses,
> > here is what I get for eth0.
> >
> >           UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
> >           RX packets:2382801 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:392797
> >           TX packets:2108884 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
> >           collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
> >           RX bytes:3298556584 (3145.7 Mb)  TX bytes:144681015 (137.9 Mb)
> >           Interrupt:10 Base address:0xec00
> >
> >  I don't know if I should be running multicast. The MTU looks OK for
> > dialup. I don't know if it's OK for a LAN. No idea what the metric is.
> > Everything else looks as though it should be OK (although I may need to
> > power down the router soon).
> >
> >     Later
> >     Mike
> frame: doesn't look right. I don't get those on my LAN. I think it means
> frame errors. It might be a buggy card. What chipset is it?
> - Daryl

 I thought it was frame SIZE... OK I got it now. I don't know what card it is. 
I suppose I could check in a day or two (I'll be trying to get a power supply 
on a 166 box replaced so I might be able to swap cards at the same time). I 
think one card is a 3com and the other is a D-link from Shaw.

 Before I swap cards, I'll try Bills suggestion about ipconfig. It's accessed 
from the run item from the start menu? Since things appear to be faster I 
would guess the frame errors are likely to be less.

 Obviously I'd rather replace the card than the router. Itech is in the 
neighbourhood (and I've known the guys for years) so I'd be picking something 
up from them. Any particular brand to look for? Will any of the newer cards 


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