[RndTbl] TTY1 and Starting X Windows

Montana Quiring montanaq at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 13:09:41 CDT 2006

On Wed, April 19, 2006 12:14 pm, Gilbert E. Detillieux said:
>> Now X starts but it starts as root. *Insert frown here*
>> I guess this makes sense because inittab is run as root, right?
> That's correct.  But wasn't that the case all along?  I.e. when you ran
> "/bin/bash -login" from inittab, and it called startx from .bash_profile,
> that was all running as root as well?

Believe it or not... no.
The bash_profile that was being used was in /home/me ( a non root user)
For some reason "/bin/bash -login" was logging in as the user "me"
It's a typical Ubuntu distro that doesn't let you log into bash as root.
Could that be it?

> That's strange.  I wonder what would happen on this machine if a non-root
> user logged in (on a virtual console tty) and ran startx from a shell
> prompt?

sudoers seems to be very picky I wonder if I'm making a mistake somehow.

> I wonder if console (or some other device) ownership is the issue?  You
> may

I'm not sure where to start to check for something like that. Hmmm...

> need to set up a wrapper script which first sets device ownership
> correctly,
> using pam_console_apply (if it's there) or a bunch of chown commands, then
> does the sudo command, then finally (maybe) resets device ownerships after
> the startx is finished.

I don't have any experince with pam but I'll look into it.

Thanks again.


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