[RndTbl] xinit doesn't notice my .xinitrc via xdm

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Tue Apr 18 15:31:42 CDT 2006

First of all this is under OpenBSD 3.9 but that should be immaterial  
to the issue.

Basically if I run startx from a shell X starts and my .xinitrc is  
parsed/executed and all is well.
Since I'm using X more I decided to enable xdm (via echo  
"xdm_flags="" > /etc/rc.conf.local; reboot; ) instead of launching  
manually from a shell.
Now when I log in through XDM my .xinitrc isn't parsed/executed and I  
have to run it manually (fvwm notices my .fvwmrc so that part is  
working as expected).

I'm not doing anything too complex and everything is rather 'stock'  
with changes to the default install are overridden in my home  
directory such as .Xdefaults and .fvwmrc .  I'm using .xinitrc to set  
a pretty background (via xv(l) and to start an ssh-agent)

Any ideas on how I can figure this out?
I should probably investigate how XDM is launched and actually read  
the startx script, but I'm going to gamble on someone else already  
knowing why this happens.


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