[RndTbl] Norton Ghost / re-install Lilo

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at wallbridge.net
Fri Apr 7 21:51:19 CDT 2006

On 7-Apr-06, at 6:37 PM, rayhenry at autoclubs.ca wrote:

> OK, have a RedHat 7 system with a dying HD. So I ran Norton Ghost and
> copied everything over to a newer drive (same size, just newer). I've 
> been
> hours on the 'Net and tried a number of different instructions on
> installign Lilo to the new HD so that it boots when moved from hdb to 
> hda.
> Nothing seems to work.
> Sorry, I haven't logged everything I've done, as I (silly me) kept 
> hoping
> that *this time* something *would* work. But this shutting down every
> night to re-Ghost the drive to keep it current when I try something 
> new is
> just silly. It seems to me that there has to be a pretty straight 
> forward
> way of installing Lilo that I'm just not finding.
> This is my last shot at doing it this way, I'm hoping someone has an
> idea.... My next move is to just build another server, and set 
> everything
> up on that one...

We use G4U for all our ghosting needs.


Maybe it will work better for you.


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