[RndTbl] Norton Ghost / re-install Lilo

rayhenry at autoclubs.ca rayhenry at autoclubs.ca
Fri Apr 7 20:37:59 CDT 2006

OK, have a RedHat 7 system with a dying HD. So I ran Norton Ghost and
copied everything over to a newer drive (same size, just newer). I've been
hours on the 'Net and tried a number of different instructions on
installign Lilo to the new HD so that it boots when moved from hdb to hda.
Nothing seems to work.

Sorry, I haven't logged everything I've done, as I (silly me) kept hoping
that *this time* something *would* work. But this shutting down every
night to re-Ghost the drive to keep it current when I try something new is
just silly. It seems to me that there has to be a pretty straight forward
way of installing Lilo that I'm just not finding.

This is my last shot at doing it this way, I'm hoping someone has an
idea.... My next move is to just build another server, and set everything
up on that one...

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