[RndTbl] Does anybody have a Sparc boot disk they can lend me?

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Mon Sep 12 22:19:16 CDT 2005

 Does anybody have a Sparc boot disk they can lend me? I'll be at Tuesdays 
meeting. All I have to do is edit a single file then I should be able to 
login. Again, the famous 30 seconds of work. ;-)

 The machine doesn't have enough RAM to boot Solaris 10 (needs 256MB). I 
didn't find much on Solaris 9 (probably looking in the wrong places again). 
Anything earlier is apparently covered by a commercial license. The RAM will 
be brought up to what is needed if I can't get it running as it is. That's 
plan "B". I'll do it eventually anyhow. Judging from what's on the net, a 
Linux rescue disk (again for Sparc) should do as well. Not bad for plan "C".

 Thanks in advance...


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